5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

In today’s world, we all interact in the digital space. While we want our children to be proficient with technology and be able to access the vast information and resources available online, we also have to be diligent in protecting our children from the objectionable material and dangers found online. With social media, online gaming and cell phones, our children … Continue reading »

The True Value of Appreciation

Nannies, babysitters and other childcare professionals enhance our lives in so many ways. Often times, the value gained through the quality care of your children is simply beyond measure. One of the best ways to build a strong, positive relationship with your nanny is to show appreciation. When you are authentically appreciative, you naturally increase the likelihood that your nanny will invest more … Continue reading »

Instilling Responsibility in Children

One important role we have as parents is to raise children to be successful on their own. We have about 18 years to make sure our children are equipped, independent and confident to live successfully on their own. While it may seem easier to closely manage every aspect of our children’s lives, teaching children responsibility is really more for their benefit than … Continue reading »

The Anti-Bored Summer Plan & Free Printable!

Are you dreading the summer months because you know you’ll soon hear “I’M BORED” over and over again? Start planning and preparing now for a memorable, fun-filled summer with your children. We have plenty of ideas that will give you an easy response when your kids are looking for something to do. Create an activity jar and fill it with fun, simple activity ideas. Have your … Continue reading »

5 Ways to Prevent Summer “Brain Drain”

Summer often brings long, fun days and a more relaxed schedule for many families. Despite the laid-back routine, it’s important to encourage learning and incorporate educational activities during the break. Here are a few ways to help keep those brains fresh over the summer months! Schedule a weekly trip to the library. Make an afternoon of it by bringing a … Continue reading »

Mom’s Best Friend Launches New Charitable Donation Program

At Mom’s Best Friend, we strive to serve families by providing exceptional hiring and placement services for many aspects of life, including long-term nannies and childcare, as-needed babysitters, senior care services and other domestic in-home hiring. Mom’s Best Friend is proud to be able to give back to our local communities by supporting a variety of non-profit charitable organizations that in … Continue reading »

Perks to Hiring a Summer Nanny

Summer is right around the corner! Do you have a plan for childcare yet? Now is the best time to start interviewing nannies if you are seeking consistent in-home care for the summer months. Many college students, graduate students and teachers are looking for a short-term position during their time off, but be aware that many great candidates are hired … Continue reading »

The Benefits of Kindness

As we come upon this season of Thanksgiving, Mom’s Best Friend is contemplating some creative ways to show gratitude and make a positive impact in our communities. It has been proven that serving others is emotionally, mentally and physically beneficial – it’s a win-win situation! Below are several great ways that you and your family can serve others during this season of thanks.

New “Bright Space” Opened at The Settlement Home for Children

Mom’s Best Friend recently had the honor of sponsoring a new Bright Space® at The Settlement Home for Children in Austin, in partnership with Bright Horizons Family Solutions and the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children. Bright Spaces are designed to provide children and youth in shelters or foster care with a warm, enriching area to play and learn. We were excited to … Continue reading »

Hiring A Nanny From A Different Generation

As an agency, we consistently work with nannies across generations and see both the benefits and challenges of hiring a nanny from a different generation. From Baby Boomers to Millennials to Generation Z, each group has a unique perspective. When you hire a nanny from a different generation, open communication is key to establishing a successful long-term relationship. On average, … Continue reading »