2014 Nanny Employer Tool Kit

This month is a great time to step back and reflect on your role as a nanny employer. In this role, you are accountable to your family, your nanny, and to the government. We suggest creating an action plan with your goals and tasks to get the year off to a great start. Here is a tool kit to use … Continue reading »

Last Chance to Pay Your Nanny Correctly with No Penalties

For families who are not paying their household employees correctly, the IRS is giving you a chance to make it right! For years now, we have gone to great lengths explaining to families that nannies are household employees (W-2), not independent contractors (1099 form). To protect you, your family, and your nanny from making costly tax mistakes, we refer all … Continue reading »

Should I offer health insurance benefits to my nanny or other household staff? Is this common practice?

Yes! At Mom’s Best Friend, we seek to provide you with the best advice and most current trends to enable you to make the best hiring decisions! We always advocate that our clients offer health insurance because of the tax advantage to both parties, as well as the peace of mind you receive from caring for your employee and from … Continue reading »