Best Nanny Practices when you Work from Home

As a work-from-home parent, hiring a nanny can be extremely beneficial to maintaining a well-balanced family and work life. While I spend a lot of time in the office, my husband spent many days working from home when my children were little and at home. Our nanny did such a great job at making this a win-win situation. Here are some … Continue reading »

Maintaining Personal Boundaries with Your Nanny

Often times, conflict can arise when personal boundaries have been crossed between a family and their nanny. Let’s face it, having someone work in your home is bound to push professional and personal boundaries. A Wall Street Journal article called “When the Nanny-Parent Relationship Gets Too Personal” discussed a survey of nanny employers, “63% of respondents said they have helped … Continue reading »

Dealing With Changes in Your Nanny’s Life

Change is a part of life. Families grow, children change schools, and parents start new jobs. Think back on your life and the changes that have taken place over the last five years. Maybe you moved, had a baby, or experienced other major life changes. Your nanny has probably experienced equally important life changes during this time, too! Many nannies … Continue reading »

My Child Called My Nanny Mom

Has this happened to you? The mother/nanny/child relationship is both beautiful and emotionally challenging at the same time. When we choose a caregiver, we want someone to stand in for us, be smart and trustworthy, show initiative, and surround our children with educational activities and culture. In essence, we want someone like ourselves. Once they do a great job, we … Continue reading »