5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

In today’s world, we all interact in the digital space. While we want our children to be proficient with technology and be able to access the vast information and resources available online, we also have to be diligent in protecting our children from the objectionable material and dangers found online. With social media, online gaming and cell phones, our children … Continue reading »

Instilling Responsibility in Children

One important role we have as parents is to raise children to be successful on their own. We have about 18 years to make sure our children are equipped, independent and confident to live successfully on their own. While it may seem easier to closely manage every aspect of our children’s lives, teaching children responsibility is really more for their benefit than … Continue reading »

Create Learning Goals for your Child

As you plan your year, it is a good idea to create some educational goals for your children, along with your nanny. Whether your child is a toddler or school-age, you can have specific goals such as: Learning the ABCs Learning numbers Mastering addition or subtraction Multiplication and math facts through 12’s Basic Spanish vocabulary

4 Ways I Keep my Children from Acting Spoiled Around the Holidays

My kids are thrilled about our holiday traditions – decorating the tree, hot cocoa, putting up stockings, a nativity scene, etc. – but let’s face it, they can also tend to edge into greedy territory if I don’t make a constant effort to refocus them. The constant commercials, displays at the stores, and their peers don’t help either! Christmas is … Continue reading »