The Benefits of Kindness

As we come upon this season of Thanksgiving, Mom’s Best Friend is contemplating some creative ways to show gratitude and make a positive impact in our communities. It has been proven that serving others is emotionally, mentally and physically beneficial – it’s a win-win situation! Below are several great ways that you and your family can serve others during this season of thanks.

Hiring A Nanny From A Different Generation

As an agency, we consistently work with nannies across generations and see both the benefits and challenges of hiring a nanny from a different generation. From Baby Boomers to Millennials to Generation Z, each group has a unique perspective. When you hire a nanny from a different generation, open communication is key to establishing a successful long-term relationship. On average, … Continue reading »

Importance of Being on the Same Team with Your Nanny

If there is anything I’ve learned as a parent, it is that collaboration and consistency are the keys to a successful partnership in caring for children. Nothing is worse than a child picking up on a weakness in alignment between his caregivers, and playing them against one another in a good-cop/ bad-cop juvenile drama. We have all been there, have we … Continue reading »

Communication Tips for the Employer & Nanny Relationship

When it comes to having a successful, healthy work relationship, communication is key.  There is nothing as important as being able to communicate effectively to navigate the many issues that will arise when having someone else help you care for your child. Nutrition choices, electronic gadget usage and media exposure, your kids’ friends, allowable activities, and discipline are topics that … Continue reading »

Nanny or Day Care: Which Choice is Right for you Family?

As a Nanny Agency owner and veteran nanny employer, I am obviously a bit partial to hiring a nanny. However, I realize that this option is not the perfect solution for every family, so I want to provide you with items to consider as you decide whether to choose a day care center or have your child(ren) at home with a nanny. In all cases, you … Continue reading »

Attracting the Best Nanny for Your Family

All of the nannies at Mom’s Best Friend are experienced and rigorously screened. However, we do have a range of professional nannies, with varying degrees of experience and education. We are in an extremely competitive market for top nannies, and like any other job, there are tried and true ways to attract top talent for your position. Here are some … Continue reading »