4 Ways To Make It A Successful School Year!


Once again, summer has flown by and the start of school is upon us! That means schedules and routines are changing, and children have new and exciting things on the horizon as they meet their teachers and get to know new friends at school. With all of the changes that happen this time of year, there are some simple things you can do to make the transition a bit easier.

Here are some tips to help you have a successful school year!

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Importance of Being on the Same Team with Your Nanny

7K0A0841If there is anything I’ve learned as a parent, it is that collaboration and consistency are the keys to a successful partnership in caring for children. Nothing is worse than a child picking up on a weakness in alignment between his caregivers, and playing them against one another in a good-cop/ bad-cop juvenile drama. We have all been there, have we not? By the time Dad realizes that Mom just said no to candy, Junior already has inhaled a bag of M&M’s. Obviously, these parents have been played.  Continue reading

Communication Tips for the Employer & Nanny Relationship

Employer and NannyWhen it comes to having a successful, healthy work relationship, communication is key.  There is nothing as important as being able to communicate effectively to navigate the many issues that will arise when having someone else help you care for your child. Nutrition choices, electronic gadget usage and media exposure, your kids’ friends, allowable activities, and discipline are topics that just scratch the surface of the many issues that need to be thoughtfully and effectively communicated between caregivers and parents. Sometimes emotions can build up, especially if these topics haven’t been vetted in a while, and the issues can take a backseat to emerging feelings of mistrust, frustration, and disappointment.  To prevent this unfortunate outcome, and to ensure a positive, productive conversation, stick to these five core tips.

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Making Sure Traveling With Your Nanny is Smooth Sailing!

iStock_000004625200XSmallAs we are approaching the spring and summer travel season, I’d like to share my experience over the years in traveling with a nanny. Having a beloved and trusted caregiver with us on vacation over the years has been a fantastic solution to relieve stress and prevent a trip from derailing. Traveling with a nanny, however, can also present its own challenges without careful thought and consideration ahead of time about mutual expectations, boundaries, and general ground rules. Here’s what our family discovered over our many family / nanny trips. Continue reading

Invest in Your Marriage with Date Nights

Date NightIt’s that time of year when the florists are bombarded and the chocolate hearts are devoured. That one day of the year when you plan something special and remind that someone special why you love them so.

This year, why don’t we try something different. Why don’t we vow to make our marriage a priority all year long.

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Simplify in 2015!

Woman looking through closet

How about starting off the year by creating more space in your life for the things that truly matter? Here are some practical ways to help you get the year started in a way that will positively impact your life and your family in 2015.


“The more you have, the more occupied you are, the less you have, the freer you are.” –Mother Theresa

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Taking the Stress Out of the Holidays

Take the Stress out of the HolidaysThis season can be such a whirlwind of parties, school holidays, and family time. We so encourage you to spend this time enjoying the season instead of letting the potential stress outweigh the joy. Here are some tips I have found helpful:

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9 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Your Children

Amy Melsa Photography Example‘Tis the season of holiday cards and family photos, so we’ve enlisted professional photographer Amy Melsa to write this guest post for you. Enjoy!

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Nanny or Day Care: Which Choice is Right for you Family?

Family hire a nannyAs a Nanny Agency owner and veteran nanny employer, I am obviously a bit partial to hiring a nanny. However, I realize that this option is not the perfect solution for every family, so I want to provide you with items to consider as you decide whether to choose a day care center or have your child(ren) at home with a nanny.

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5 Areas to Consider When You Hire a New Babysitter

great babysitter, hire the best babysitterYou want the best babysitter for your children, and when you try someone new, there are key areas to consider as you evaluate whether they are going to be the best fit for your family.

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