The True Value of Appreciation

Nannies, babysitters and other childcare professionals enhance our lives in so many ways. Often times, the value gained through the quality care of your children is simply beyond measure. One of the best ways to build a strong, positive relationship with your nanny is to show appreciation. When you are authentically appreciative, you naturally increase the likelihood that your nanny will invest more … Continue reading »

Communication Tips for the Employer & Nanny Relationship

When it comes to having a successful, healthy work relationship, communication is key.  There is nothing as important as being able to communicate effectively to navigate the many issues that will arise when having someone else help you care for your child. Nutrition choices, electronic gadget usage and media exposure, your kids’ friends, allowable activities, and discipline are topics that … Continue reading »

Family Assistant

 One of the things we love about being in business for nearly 20 years is that we have seen the household staffing industry evolve a great deal. As children grow up, families needs change, and we have recently seen the emergence of a new position: Family Assistant. This position helps parents manage their household workload, and is a hybrid of … Continue reading »