Start the Nanny Hiring Process

  • Getting Started: You can start a First Class Care by Mom’s Best Friend Chicago nanny search by completing a Client Application and signing the Client Agreement (outlines all fees, policies, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact Laura Curtin at or 847.905.9938.
  • During the Search: We will send you nannies that match your criteria, including their employment history, experience, education and much more. We significantly narrow down the caregivers through our rigorous screening process, so you will typically only see 3-4 qualified, high caliber nannies, saving you as much time as possible in your search. You will choose which nannies you would like to interview, provide us feedback, and bring one or two of the candidates back for “trial days” to observe them in action as part of a working interview.
  • Hiring: After a choice has been made, you will extend an offer to your nanny (remember to speak in terms of “gross pay” not “take home” or “net pay” when negotiating salary). Once your nanny accepts your offer, you will fill in our nanny employment agreement template, including specific about the duties, compensation and terms of employment. The Referral Fee is then due for the referral of your nanny.
  • Ongoing Support: First Class Care by Mom’s Best Friend is available to meet your needs before, during and after you hire a nanny through our service. Please feel free to call us if you need ongoing support, advice, sitter services or forms (for monthly one-on-ones, reviews and more).