Mom’s Best Friend – Giving Back

Mom’s Best Friend is in the business of serving families and we strive to continually be a positive force for children and parents in our communities and beyond. Along with our work with children through our business, we also like to stay involved in our community by giving back. Below, you can see all the ways that Mom’s Best Friend helps children near and far.

Africa New Life

Africa New Life Charity LogoIn 2011, Mom’s Best Friend owner Kathy Dupuy was introduced to a man named Charles Buregeya. He was born in Rwanda, and his family fled to Uganda during the genocide. He eventually moved to Portland, Oregon to attend college. When he was in Portland, he felt heart moved to return to his home country to try to help his people try to rebuild what was lost. He used all of his savings to sponsor several Rwandan children to attend school. He reached out to friends, networked, and built up support for what is now Africa New Life. In just 11 years, they have helped over 4,000 people in Rwanda climb out of poverty through education and trade programs!

We were so inspired by this impact, that we now donate a portion of every placement in order to sponsor an entire boys home in Kigali, including food, lodging and vocational training. Just a few short years ago, the 18 boys that live there were on the streets with no home and no family to care for them. They had minimal access to food and only the clothes on their bodies. Now, their basic needs are cared for and they speak fluent English. They live in a wonderful bunk-bed dormitory with a sweet house mother who truly loves them. During the day, they attend classes and learn vocational skills that will allow them to find a good job and earn a great living. They speak of how Africa New Life had changed their lives, and what they dream of becoming: singer, teacher, builder, even President! They have joy and hope in their hearts and have the ability to DREAM!

As a Mom’s Best Friend family, a portion of your membership fee will be donated to one of the local San Antonio charities below:

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives

Roy Mass Youth AlternativesRoy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA) creates brighter futures for children in crisis by promoting individual success and healthy relationships in a safe, healing environment; giving children and families the tools to end the cycle of abuse.

Since 1976, RMYA has provided services to abused, neglected, and high-risk youth through residential and counseling services many of which are offered on a sliding scale to low income families in our community. RMYA provides a safe, supervised residential setting with 24 hour care, an on-campus accredited school, medical care, a nutritious diet, cultural and recreational enrichment programs, individual, family and group counseling services, life skills and parenting classes. RMYA provides the consistent and comfortable environment necessary for children to significantly improve their behavior and decision-making skills so that they can experience a different way of living and ultimately break the cycle of abuse and violence.

The Children’s ShelterThe Children's Shelter

The Children’s Shelter puts children first by providing a safe, trauma-focused place for children in crisis whether the need is for immediate shelter, residential treatment, foster or adoptive homes. They work to strengthen families in order to break the cycle of child abuse.

The Children’s Shelter was established in 1901 for a reason — to provide a safe haven for children who were abused, abandoned and neglected.


The mission of Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) is to recruit, train, and supervise court-appointed volunteer Advocates who provide constancy for abused and neglected children and youth while advocating for services and placement in safe and permanent homes.casa_h_SanAntonio_TX_redblue_R_alt_rgb

CASA provides a stable and constant adult to ensure children don’t fall through the cracks of an overburdened system. They are the only agency that provides a constant adult presence throughout the life of the child’s case and who supports the child no matter how many different placement changes are involved. CASA volunteers obtain critical information from contacts with doctors, therapist, and other professionals who are aware of the child’s needs.  CASA reports increase judges’ knowledge of needs (medical, psychological, educational, etc.), noted risk factors, and safe placement options of children involved. The efforts of CASA’s volunteer Advocates help ensure Bexar County’s foster children are receiving the necessary medical, developmental and educational attention they need.