Temporary Nanny Orientation: Babysitter Training

Congratulations! You have made it through our intense screening process! This is a huge accomplishment, and we can’t wait to get you working with our families! Your final step before being sent out on a job is to watch the nanny training videos below, complete the quiz (in the video), view the attachments, and fax or scan the Signature Page and Quiz.

There is no quiz to download, you will simply either be typing or hand-writing the questions and answers directly from the video. You will then fax or scan/email these in.

  • Video Training Part 1
  • Video Training Part 2
  • Read the Temporary Nanny Referral Program Handbook/Manual
  • Quiz: Sign, fax or scan/email to F: 512.346.1134 or darlene.mcmahan@mbfagency.com
  • Important documents
    • Corporate Timesheet: You must print and bring this to all corporate jobs, as well as fax in each week in order to get paid via direct deposit.
    • Individual Family Timesheet: This is used for all “cash” jobs where you are paid in cash or check at the end of each job. Please make sure you get a copy, the family gets a copy and Mom’s Best Friend is sent a copy (any color works for any recipient).
    • Nanny Notes: use this for all jobs in order to set the families at ease when you walk into a job, and to provide a report at the end of the job to the family
    • Sitter Satisfaction Report: From time to time, leave these for families for families to report how great you are!
    • Agency Satisfaction Report: Please leave these from time to time with a Mom’s Best Friend self-addressed envelope so that we can get a pulse on our family’s feedback of our agency.
  • Your Placement Manager will be:
  • You will then be sent the job board login information and can begin working! Welcome!